November 2017 Spending Summary

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and the arrival of winter! With traveling for Thanksgiving, a busy work schedule and general holiday merriment, there’s barely been time to breathe, let alone write. November spending was fantastic and ended up being one of our lowest spending months this year, which is surprising given all of the once-a-year holiday expenses. I can guarantee December’s budget will not fare as well as this month… 🙂 Summary chart courtesy of Personal Capital’s Free Budget Tracking Tool.

November 2017 Spending Summary

November 2017 Spending Total: $3,652

Home Maintenance$88
Groceries$481Much better this month!
Pet Care$45
Entertainment$23Hulu, NY Times
Hobbies$142Prepping for ski season!
Charitable Giving$59Toys to donate

November Spending Details:

Hobbies: All expenses this month were in preparation for ski season (so excited!!). In the interest of frugality, Mr. Saverdink has always sharpened and waxed our skis, which is much cheaper than paying a ski shop for a tune-up. Unfortunately, at least once a season, skis require a stone grind to repair and flatten the base of the ski. The machines required for that job cost thousands of dollars, so we pay a ski shop for a base tune-up at a cost of $40+ per pair of skis. Being typical ski junkies, we have multiple pairs of skis. Being a typical frugal couple, we put off this rather pricey recurring expense (5+ pairs of skis!) as long as possible. You see where this is going…? Well, this past month Mr. Saverdink discovered a $70 base tuning device that will allow him to keep all of our skis in tip-top shape and allow him to repair the bases as needed. We’re practically our own full-service ski shop now!

Clothing: Funny how this category rarely makes an appearance. New work pants and a few tops for me, new pajamas pants and dress shoes for Mr. Saverdink. Highly exciting stuff 🙂 I will admit that my pants are fitting a bit tighter than I’d like so once all the holiday cookies are finished, it’s going to be diet and exercise time. Seems like a better idea than buying all new pants, right?

Charitable Giving: Every year we buy a few gifts to donate to an “Adopt a Child for Christmas” or Toys for Tots type organization. A little 3-year-old girl will soon have an adorable Hello Kitty pajama set and a few others will have some new books and legos to play with. We keep an eye out for deals on toys throughout November for just this purpose. Amazon has had some amazing deals on kids books over the past few weeks, so I hope others have been taking advantage.

Miscellaneous: Who can resist Black Friday deals?? This category contained several gifts on top of our normal household purchases. Again, Amazon makes it so easy to send gifts to relatives all over the country. Great for family relations, but not as great for my wallet!


As a reminder, here is a link to our targeted monthly budget.


  1. Obligatory monthly request that you spend more 🙂

    Tools are the big debate as someone who also likes to DIY. They’re an expensive one time purchase unless you live in an area with a great tool-sharing forum or group.

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