June 2017 Spending Summary

June was a very busy month, which inadvertently helped our budget a little. Turns out that when you don’t have time to shop, you spend less money 🙂 Mr. Saverdink had an awesome 4-day work trip this month which contributed to a weeklong “spending freeze” – all of his expenses were covered while traveling and the absence from home meant lower groceries and gas for the week. I was swamped at my job for the first 3 weeks in June and didn’t even have time to go grocery shopping that week. Leaving the office at 8pm multiple nights in a row is no fun and I may or may not have eaten a chocolate bar for dinner one evening… By the time the weekend rolled around, Mr. Saverdink was exhausted from traveling and I was exhausted from working crazy hours, so we laid low and relaxed at home that weekend.

Despite the one-week spending reprieve, June spending totals were a bit higher than May, but still well within the normal realm. We did have some splurges in the home appliance and vacation department. Summary chart courtesy of Personal Capital’s Free Budget Tracking Tool.

June 2017 Expenses

June 2017 Spending Total: $4,485

Utilities$118Love the low summer utility bills!
Home Maintenance$103Mostly lawn supplies.
Entertainment$29Hulu, NY Times
Miscellaneous$693See how quickly this category adds up!

June Spending Details:

Utilities: May I just point out that I *love* summer utility bills. Electric is slightly higher due to the dehumidifier in the basement and occasional usage of the window A/C, but there are no gas/heating costs until the tank is filled again in September.

Groceries: This category remains a bit high (although in line with our predicted grocery expenses) and I’d like to find ways to cut back a little. Stocking up on food at the very end of June for our 4th of July camping trip was one small factor, but I’ll have to do some more investigating to see how we can trim this down. Luckily, our restaurant expenditures were very low this month and helped offset our overall food-related expenses.

Vacation: A small amount of this month’s vacation spending went towards our 4th of July camping trip (camping/boating fees), but the bulk of the spending was purchasing airfare for a trip this fall! We’re headed to a new country that abounds with sightseeing, hiking and nature-loving activities. There may even be glaciers, northern lights and puffins… Any guesses?? This was more or less an impromptu decision. Mr. Saverdink and I had discussed a weeklong trip in the September-ish time frame but hadn’t made any concrete plans. We received an email with airfare deals to one of the destinations on our “travel bucket list” and booked it that night. Now we just need to plan the actual lodging and activities for our upcoming trip!

Miscellaneous: This category was a bit high this month. What were the biggest culprits?

  • Mr. Saverdink is a coffee addict. His old espresso machine has been on its last legs for a few months now. After extensive online research and viewing several models in store over the past 3 months, he finally gave in and purchased a new Breville Espresso Machine with a price tag that made both of us flinch – and I don’t even drink coffee, so Mr. Saverdink better enjoy it!
  • Did I mention the coffee addiction? Yup, Mr. Saverdink also bought a French Coffee Press for camping. At least this one was a lot cheaper 🙂
  • We had several small personal care purchases – hair products, sunscreen, etc. and a few gifts for family members. Nothing too exciting there, but small purchases add up.
  • We are in the process of consolidating our financial accounts and just moved our Roth IRAs from Fidelity to a new custodian. $50 “account closure fee” for each of us. Whomp, whomp. Way to kick us on the way out the door, Fidelity!

As a reminder, here is a link to our targeted monthly budget.


  1. I on the other hand am going to have an atrocious electricity bill due to AC. I try to be uncomfortable when I can without the AC, but we’ve had a recent heat wave running through.

    And coffee is IMPORTANT! That’s great for making sure its still available everywhere you go. 🙂

    1. Yes, but how much is your heating bill in the winter? 🙂 My husband HATES the heat/humidity in the summer and wants to use the A/C far more than I do. Given that it’s only a few times a month in the summer, I let him turn it on. We’re at work all day, so it’s typically only in the evenings or the weekend if we’re home. We use fans to circulate air the rest of the time.

      Despite the cost of his espresso machine, it sure beats buying coffee at Starbucks/Dunkin’ every day. I, personally, like tea and cannot stand the taste of coffee. Hot water and a 10 cent tea bag and I am good to go!

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