Jan, Feb, March 2017 Spending Summary

It’s hard to believe it’s May already. Even though this blog just came into existence in April, I want to keep us accountable for our monthly spending throughout the entire year. Our 2017 monthly budget is already planned, so let’s see how our first quarter spending compared.

Spoiler Alert: Winter 2017 was full of skiing, skiing and more skiing… until there wasn’t any more snow!

Skiing until the snow is gone!

January 2017 Spending Total: $12,009

Whelp. This is not a good start to 2017. We more than doubled our planned monthly budget, so what happened??

Insurance$1,885Yearly payment for car, auto and umbrella insurance
Car Repairs$1,179Ugh.
Entertainment$18Hulu, NY Times
Vacation$5,291Includes eating at restaurants while traveling
Miscellaneous$263Household goods, personal items

Top Three Spending Culprits:

  • Home/Auto Insurance: A huge expenditure this month, but we knew this payment was coming due in January had it planned into our yearly budget.
  • Transportation: My poor 2008 Subaru needed some major repairs this month. Ouch. This is why an emergency fund is so important.
  • Vacations: 44% of our spending this month was due to vacations. We’re avid skiers and spent a few weekends away at the bigger east coast mountains enjoying winter to its fullest, which accounted for ~$700 this month. $4,600 was the payment for a trip to Belize in April.

Overall, this was a very high expenditure month for our household and we blew away our estimated monthly budget. The only truly unexpected expenses were the car repairs for my 9 year old vehicle, which just hit 100,000 miles and hopefully has another 100,000 to go.

We budget $1,200 per month for vacations, but some months (like this one!) are much higher due to a big trip. Our Belize trip pre-payment includes airfare, hotel, food and scuba diving, so expenses during the trip itself should be minimal.

February 2017 Spending Total: $4,386

February was much better from a spending standpoint! We came in under budget by over $1,000, which was very much needed to help offset January’s overages.

Home Maintenance$80
Entertainment$18Hulu, NY Times
Hobbies$418Skiing lift tickets and some new scuba diving gear
Vacation$470More weekend ski trips
Miscellaneous$404$110 Costco membership, Household goods, personal items

Not a bad month. It’s been a fantastic winter and we made sure to take full advantage with more weekend ski trips.

March 2017 Spending Total: $5,484

Home Maintenance$647New toilet (self-installed!) and pre-payment for summer lawn care (fertilizer and weed control)
Insurance$135Supplemental dive/travel insurance for the year
Entertainment$18Hulu, NY Times
Hobbies$135Some new sporting gear
Vacation$549Last two ski weekends
Charitable Giving$250In addition to donations withdrawn directly from pay check
Miscellaneous$427Household goods, personal items

March was a pretty typical month. Nothing too exciting to report 🙂

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