December 2017 Spending Summary

Happy New Year, everyone! Remember how awesome our November spending was? One of the lowest months all year…? Well, December was pretty much the polar opposite. We spent double last month’s expenditures. Oy, vey. The holidays will do that, except most of our additional expenses weren’t even holiday related! Summary chart courtesy of Personal Capital’s Free Budget Tracking Tool.

December 2017 Spending Summary

December 2017 Spending Total: $7,461

Utilities$431Internet billed on the 1st and 31st. Not cool, Fairpoint.
Home Maintenance$47
Groceries$625A bit high this month...
Pet Care$28More cat food.
Entertainment$32Hulu, NY Times and a trip to a museum!
Hobbies$1218Oh dear... What did Mr. Saverdink buy this time??
Vacation$1077Payments for 2018 trips.

December Spending Details:

Automotive: Yet again this category rises to the top of the spending ladder… Luckily this month it was entirely due to mileage-based routine maintenance on the vehicles, our yearly vehicle inspections and registration. Mr. Saverdink drives a 12-year old Prius that has literally had no issues for over 100,000 miles. No repairs, no major maintenance items. Just normal things like new tires and windshield wipers. Now that the vehicle is over 200k miles, the shop had several recommended maintenance items (new fluids, belts, spark plugs…) that added up to several hundred dollars, but were necessary given the age and mileage. We’ve been using the same shop for several years and they have very reasonable prices, plus we had a coupon for 15% off 🙂

Hobbies: This month was a wave of photography expenses, with a sprinkle of skiing gear.

  • Photography: Mr. Saverdink is an avid photographer and several months ago came to the realization that his computer did not have enough processing power to edit photos in a timely manner. He easily takes 5,000+ photos on some of our longer travel adventures. Remember the good old days of dial-up internet? It was that type of feeling of increasing frustration each time he tried to process his photos. He had been searching for a new high-performance laptop for the past 6 months and finally pulled the trigger. He also purchased a 1-year subscription to Lightroom (on sale!) for photo editing.
  • Skiing: New ski poles, new goggles and a new ski boot insole heating element were all “essential” items last month. Mr. Saverdink lost one of his (already broken) ski poles while skiing mid-December and was forced into finally buying a replacement pair. In a continuing trend of bad luck, one of his boot heaters died. Luckily he was able to find a single replacement heating insert for $20. Heated insoles are a nifty ski accessory, but the price tag of a new kit is not friendly! The ski goggles weren’t 100% necessary, but Costco had a great deal, so here we are.

Vacation: Sadly, none of our December vacation spending went towards vacation in the actual month of December. We’re headed to Canada (for skiing!) in January and Colorado (for more skiing!!) in February. Various forms of deposits and prepayments for those trips hit our budget last month.

Miscellaneous: Ok, here’s our holiday spending! About $250 of this category went towards holiday cards, gifts for each other and gifts for relatives. Everyone needs a little holiday cheer 🙂

As a reminder, here is a link to our targeted monthly budget.

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  1. Oh man… At least I know I’m not alone. We really overspent in December, though we didn’t dip into savings and we didn’t accrue more debt. Part of it I chalk up to holiday travel, but part of it I chalk up to stuff that we usually have a better handle on (Starbucks runs, going out to eat, etc.)

    I hope you get some good snow for skiing! It’s been so incredibly dry out here (but there’s a front coming through now, so I’m hopeful!)

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