About Us

Hello there! As self-proclaimed DINKs (a Dual Income, No Kids couple) with a passion for saving money, we’ve affectionately nicknamed ourselves The Saverdinks. We live in New England with our two cats and a pile of sporting gear (seriously, we have more kayaks, bicycles and skis than people available to use them!). We love to travel and spending as much time as possible enjoying the great outdoors. Only 10 years into our careers in engineering, we’ve saved one million dollars across our various retirement, investment and savings accounts. Even though we save over 50% of our take-home income, we still know how to have fun.

Skiing – One of our favorite winter activities!

We created this blog to give people a glimpse at our lifestyle and to foster discussions on personal finance topics. Our ultimate goal is to achieve financial independence within the next 10 years, by our mid-40s, and to provide resources to help others do the same.

Enjoying three hobbies at once – sightseeing, biking and photography!

We hope you’ll join us on our journey to financial independence and (hopefully) early retirement!